Who am I, Why am I here


The questions that has puzzled mankind from the beginning of consciousness puzzles me every time I remember that I have a blog. Who am I and why am I here?

Or simply

Why do I have a blog?

Today I looked at myself squarely and said “I have a blog because I was responding to a post on facebook and the response was too long and now I have a blog”.

I know it’s a disappointing reason, but that’s the truth. There is  no greater purpose behind my blog… unless I am a puppet and there’s a greater power pulling the strings… but as far as my mortal senses can tell it was just the human in me wanting to be expressive on a single day that has caused this thing to pop up on the internet. A virtual speck within the vast universe of coding (the internet that is).

Why I am here is because of who I am. I am a human being filled with human tendencies.

Oh yeah and there is one other thing. There is a lot of chatter online, and there needs to be voices in the mix for people who think like I do. It’s all about representation. I’m a self nominated, self elected representative of people like me. If that offends anyone then they are not like me and I didn’t mean them… I didn’t run for that seat.

Ok world. Expect the unexpected.



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