That ‘truth about Jamaica and Jamaicans’ video

A descendant of the Taino or 'Arawak' people
A descendant of the Taino or ‘Arawak’ people


There was this video making the rounds through my facebook circles entitled ‘The truth about Jamaica and Jamaicans’ which makes some pretty extreme claims. I watched maybe 5 minutes of it and decided it wasn’t worth the time when the claim was made that the native Tainos or ‘Arawaks’ never existed but Jamaica was always settled by blacks. However, I realize that many people have been taking this information as gospel. So i decided to go through it and point out what i see as some holes in the plot and my findings with regards to some ‘facts’ presented after double checking.

Here are just a few of them.

1. If the native people of the Americas never existed – how do you explain their descendants existing.
2. Genetic studies have proven the migration of people through the Americas and into the Caribbean. this movement of people was from Mongolia to america to south america to the Caribbean. You can see the resemblance from the native north Americans to the Mesoamericans to the Caribbean. And genetic studies have proven this. If there was a group of blacks in the Caribbean for tens of thousands of years, that group would be genetically distinct from African blacks. In Genetic studies this would stick out alike a sore thumb.
3.  El Mirador is thought to be 2,600 years old, not twenty six thousand years old. This brings into question the chronology upon which the theory is based.

4. if the European model of conquest is to disinherit people – meaning tell them they are not actually from that place.. why didn’t they do that in west Africa which they took over before heading to the Caribbean.

Ok I can’t go on… but i encourage people to do background research with regards to things like this. There is so much information out there, you owe it to yourself to not just take someone’s word for it.

Here is the awesome documentary that describes human migration out of Africa

To be fair, I must say that some of the information in the presentation is more sound, i think the points on the predatory international money lending entities is valid. I agree that third world countries are practically slaves to the system, with as much as half our production feeding the debt monster. Don’t know about my birth certificate being a bond used to trade me though… Anyhow; not because you are done with school and still celebrating the fact many years later, do your homework.


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