Important or unimportant bits.

Though i have thought about a lot of things I haven’t written about anything. But today I was reading some random stuff I wrote and I found it to be therapeutic; so I figure I’ll do my self a favor and leave another little treasure in the form of this. If only for myself.

Some of the things that have taken up my bandwidth lately….

  1. First thing that comes to mind.

I’ve been reading the comments of human beings on social media; and we are weird things. I’ve stopped feeling like what people say is important and more like what people say is just information that can be used to make sense of them. Like data to be analysed. For example, when two people disagree with each other in comments; they are so quick to be disrespectful to each other. They say some pretty nasty stuff. But i’m sure if they were to be two persons sitting beside each other in an airport and end up talking about the same things they’d probably be polite. The vast majority at least. Its a bit like road rage… except tripped by a far weaker stimulus trigger. I’m thinking there must be information about this out there. So many universities teaching and researching psychology, they must have covered this centuries ago.

2. What happened to the first half of 2015… in fact what happened to new years day 1999.

Time apparently moves faster as you get older… but older people are more patient. How silly we are. Nah. It is actually that we don’t mind waiting when we have to as much because we know how fast the time will pass.

3. Its much better to pay attention to debates than any single source of information. Its amazing how many great minds you’ll have on either side of any debate. They bring up some pretty interesting points on either side. No matter the debate.

Ok… before i betray my ‘man of few words’ character I’m going to call this a post. Later Inilek; and whoever else made it to the end. brush your shoulders off.


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